Born in 1952 , Seoul,South Korea

Lives and works in Gwangju,South Korea 

Kwon Dae-Sup is a Korean artist known for his contemporary renditions of moon jars, a traditional form of Korean porcelain named after their round shape.
Kwon Dae-Sup discovered ceramics in 1978, when he saw a moon jar at an antique shop in Seoul. Then a painting student at Hongik University, the artist decided to pursue ceramics and moved to Japan following his graduation in 1979. There, he studied under the potter Ogasawara Chōshun IX.
Kwon has said that he was drawn to the simplicity of the moon jar, saying its shape, without any decoration, is 'the most modern, most minimal, and the most perfect abstraction.'
Since his return to Korea in the mid-1980s, Kwon has lived and worked in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, where the official kilns of the former Joseon dynasty remain. Paying attention to traditional procedures, he began creating his own porcelain ceramics by collecting and studying leftover shards from the kilns.

권대섭은 조선 백자의 전통적인 방식을 현대적으로 풀어낸 달항아리로 잘 알려진 한국 예술가이다. 권대섭은 홍익대에서 서양화를 공부했으나 우연히 서울 인사동에서 백자를 본 뒤로 방향을 틀었다. 그는 1979년부터 5년간 일본 규슈 나베시마요에서 도자를 배웠다. 그는 달 항아리가 어떠한 장식도 없이 그저 가장 현대적이고, 가장 미니멀하며, 가장 완벽한 추상이라고 설명했다. 1980년 귀국 후, 그는 조선시대 관요(官窯)가 있던 경기도 광주에서 어린 딸과 사금파리를 줍고, 전통적인 방식에 대해 공부하고 연구를 멈추지 않았다.