Born in 1961,Gwacheon,South Korea
Lives and works in Seoul,South Korea 
 Kim Jiwon has been exploring the nature of painting by focusing on the aesthetic act of 'drawing and painting for the past 30 years. Delving into the subject, Kim depicts subliminal images that are generated when normalcy and symbolism intersect. Mendrami series (2002-) is his representative series amongst his diverse painting series including Canvas Fly (2014-). Landscape (2002-), and Take Off (2002-). His Mendrami series can be regarded as a still life of a commonly found flower, a symbol of human desires and dignity, and the artist's meditation diary that reflects his introspection of himself. Kim has held solo exhibitions at Daegu Art Museum (Daegu, Korea), Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), HITE Collection (Seoul, Korea), Art Space Pool (Seoul, Korea, and participated in various group exhibitions including Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), ARKO Museum (Seoul, Korea), Yanhuang Art Museum (Beijing, China), and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taichung, Taiwan). His works are in the public collections of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Korea, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea, and Sonje art Center (Seoul, Korea. Kim is currently a professor at the School of Visual Arts of the Korea National University of Arts.