Born in 1972, Incheon,South Korea

 Lives and works in Seoul,South Korea


Jin Meyerson is a Korean American artist based in Seoul, whose history as a Korean adoptee, the complete loss of his family and all records of his birth, subsequent immigration to the US, and his eventual return to Korea has informed and defined his work for over three decades. Meyerson contributed to the revival of figurative painting as a first generation Zach Feuer gallery artist in New York, where he began his career, and is a pioneer of using early computer graphics and randomization software to create large-scale immersive paintings starting in the late 1990s. His work bridges figuration and abstraction and engages with issues of presence, identity, displacement, subverted history, post-colonialism, and the expansive Korean diaspora. His recent work employs LIDAR scans, AR overlays and ideas of retro-causality, as means of connecting sources to points of origin in his longstanding investigation of meaning and contemporaneity in painting.