Currently lives and works in Seoul

1997 MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA
1995 BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minnesota, USA
1972 Born in Incheon, Korea

Jin Meyerson is a Korean American artist currently based in Seoul. Meyerson’s history as a Korean adoptee, the complete loss of his family, subsequent immigration to the USA, and his eventual return to Korea has informed and defined his work for over 3 decades. Recognized for his contributions to the revival of figurative painting in the early 2000’s and as a pioneer of Frontier Optics, Meyerson began engaging with early computer graphics and randomization software, in concert with large-scale immersive paintings in the late 1990’s. Within the dual narratives of the impossibility of expanding paintings historical present and the development of image sampling as a post colonial recovery method, Meyerson’s work has centered on painting and expanded along with advancements in technology and the various locations he has lived and worked,
His early work sampled images of American Football, H2 Hummers and Low riders reflecting images of American culture back on itself as critical and celebratory commentary. Scanned images were collected and handed over to randomization filters, creating frequencies of contextualized distortion, providing an alternative space to the standardized strategies and co-opted choreographies of appropriation and normalized Identity art. Since 2005 Meyerson has lived and worked in Paris, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Seoul. In each place a developing evolution of process, which now extends into Video, AR overlays, Installations and curatorial projects.
His recent work peers inwards and continues to bridge both Abstract and Figurative traditions of painting, where cycles of work informed by LIDR scans and retro-causality videos, operate in sequences of generative autobiographical abstraction, and personal figurative investigations of parapsychology. Linking with larger narratives of displacement, lost heritage, subverted history and, ultimately providing opportunities for reset and renewal.