Born in 1979,Jinju,South Korea

Lives and works in Busan,South Korea

Kang-Hoon is not a believer of photographs. He is too wary of the dangers lurking behind the ephemeral solidarity captured by fleeting moments of optical phenomena, its insubstantial illusion. Although to some, photography might be an observant window to the world, and yet to others, text without syntax, capable of capturing the details of reality in the blink of an eye, to him it is “realistic distortion.” His logic is that such restricted aestheticism can only reproduce a partial reality, a limitation he overcomes through painting long repeated hours of contemplation drawing out the sedimentation of time and the flowing continuity of time. Kang’s distrust of the photographic media, incomplete with its fragmented perception and disjointed continuity led the artist to seek the vestiges of moments lost.